Amish Made Furniture

Unlike most retailers that carry one or two Amish brands we currently offer four: American Traditions, Tree Crowns, Borkholder, and Country View Woodworking.  Why?  Because each brand has its own strengths.  By working with four brands we are able to meet any furniture need you might have.

Before you purchase a piece of Amish made furniture you owe it to yourself to come by Furnishings Direct. If you have seen furniture from Palettes, Daniel’s, Fusion Designs, or Simply Amish, don’t purchase until you visit us first.  We have a large selection of Amish made furniture on our floor, all wood samples, all finish samples, and a wealth of knowledge to help you make the right decision.  In addition to all of this, we guarantee to have the best pricing of any brick-and-mortar store in the country.

Amish made furniture is simply that; furniture made by Amish people. It has noting specifically to do with the style of the furniture, it has more to do with the quality and construction of the furniture. The Amish people have a long history of woodworking and it is one of their major industries. The Amish furniture builders we work with are located in Indiana and Ohio.

Why buy Amish made furniture? There are several reasons to consider Amish made furniture. First, you can be assured your furniture is built without taking any short-cuts in the manufacturing process. Every piece of Amish built furniture is intended to last generations. Only solid hardwoods are used in the construction of the furniture we offer from the Amish: oak, quarter-sawn oak, brown maple, rock maple, cherry, hickory and walnut are the species to choose from. Each of these hardwoods has a wide range of stain colors that can be applied to meet your specific needs. In addition, every piece of Amish built furniture can be modified to meet your specific size and style requirements. Finally, the finish applied to Amish made furniture is a conversion varnish. This finish is extremely durable and resistant to heat, nail polish remover, and liquids.

Why buy Amish made furniture from Furnishings Direct? We have been working with the Amish builders for over fifteen years. We have earned the trust and respect within their very closed community. We know the proper builders for each piece of furniture we offer.  We can get you the best built piece of Amish furniture available at the best price. We deal with four different “Amish brands”; each with their own specific strengths. We can get you exactly what you need for your home. If you are considering buying Amish made furniture from another dealer, ask them how long they have been offering Amish made furniture. We know what we are doing!  Before you purchase Amish made furniture, be sure you have visited us.  Hope to see you soon!

1.  American Traditions – American Traditions offers the largest selection of furniture for every room of your house.  If you have seen any Amish made furniture elsewhere, we can likely  get it for you from American Traditions.

2.  Tree Crowns Furniture – Tree Crowns offers the finest in classic craftsman styled furniture in either quarter-sawn oak or cherry wood.  What is unique to Tree Crowns is that they quarter-saw their own oak.

3.  Borkholder – Borkholder is one of the older Amish brands.  They still offer many of the classics that have been in their line for decades in addition to many updated collections they have added to the classics.

4.  Country View Woodworking – CVW offers Amish craftsmanship applied to updated bedroom and entertainment center designs.  They also offer attractive casual dining designs.