Amish Made Furniture

Furnishings Direct Offers The Best American Made Furniture!

Providing Southern California With Quality Amish Furniture

Much of the beautiful, hand crafted furniture sold at Furnishings Direct is made by Amish furniture makers who live and work in Indiana and Ohio.  Not only is this furniture stunningly beautiful and long-lasting due to the fine workmanship and attention to detail, it is also made from on the best quality American hardwoods

All of the Amish furniture we sell is constructed from quality hardwoods including oak, brown maple, quarter-sawn oak, rock maple, hickory, walnut and cherry.  All of these fine hardwoods can be stained in a variety of colors to meet your specific needs.  Plus, the finish applied to the furniture is a conversion varnish, which is extremely durable and resistant to heat and liquids.

Fine Attention to Detail for Unbeatable Results

The Amish furniture builders we work with are committed to making quality pieces using only the finest hardwoods.  Unlike a lot of the furniture being sold now, the Amish never cut corners by using low cost wood that doesn’t stand up well to the test of time.  Instead, all of our Amish made furniture is painstakingly handcrafted using only the best solid hardwoods sourced from trees growing right here in America.  Our furniture is made one piece at a time by hand to provide a level of craftsmanship that’s unequaled in terms of beauty, durability, and longevity.

We encourage customers to come into our expansive showroom located in Garden Grove so they can see, touch and experience the fantastic selection of quality Amish furniture we carry that’s all made by and using only the best hardwoods sourced from American forests.

Sadly, much of the furniture being sold in the United States today is mass-produced overseas using low quality weed and inferior materials.  Anyone who has ever experienced the letdown and frustration of making a substantial investment in a piece of furniture only to discover that it begins to fall apart after a year or tow, understands the importance of using quality woods and other materials.

Quality Hardwoods for Unrivaled Beauty and Long-Lasting Durability

The woods used in our Amish furniture are strong, durable and beautiful.  These woods take finishes very well to result in furniture that’s aesthetically pleasing, very durable and adds a great deal of warth to any room it’s placed into.  Each piece of wood that is used in our Amish hardwood furniture is a unique masterpiece of nature.

You won’t find any cheap materials such as particleboard, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or veneers in our furniture.  Instead, a combination of durable and beautiful hardwoods with meticulous Amish craftsmanship is used to ensure that you, and the generations to follow, will enjoy the many benefits of your handcrafted furniture.


Furnishings Direct is located in Southern California, centrally located in Orange County, near Los Angeles and San Diego Counties.  We are proud to offer only quality, hand-crafted Amish and other American made furniture.  If you have questions about what we carry or where we delivery, feel free to call us directly at 714-534-2900.

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